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Weekend Wrap Up

It was warm enough to play outside this past week. Warm enough to wear a tank top. This weather is getting cray cray. Oh, and my child has something for collecting pine cones. She doesn't mind how sharp they are. All she cares about is getting as many as she can. 

This photo fills me with so much happiness and sorrow at the same time. My tiny baby looks like a kid. What's next? A teen? Please help me.

My little fashion queen has been playing dress up and pretending to put makeup on on the reg. She has to copy my every move. And. I. Love. It.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I made this delicious football-shaped cake.

 She is my partner in crime, even in the kitchen. No doubt.

I made some yummy beignets the other day. Just a roll of biscuits, separated, fried in oil til golden brown, and then dusted with powdered sugar on top. Easy. Peasy.

I caught my little free spirit in the corner of our bedroom, with my jewelry on, drawing. By herself. She is so beautiful. 

 I don't know why I haven't put my homemade frappuccino recipe on here. But, I should. It is so amazingly good. I should just pay myself five dollars.

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