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Private Eyes

I just want to express my love to any of you that read this here blog of mine. Thank you for allowing me to do this. I can't even begin to express how much fun I'm having. I can't wait to fill out the box that asks for a profession. Why, yes. I am a blogger. 

I really didn't know where I wanted to go with this blog when I started only three months ago. I still don't. But I did/do know that I wanted this to become an outlet. A creative outlet. A personal outlet. An online journal that wasn't made from my Facebook statuses. Plus, I have barely put together my child's baby book. I mean, I have the first six months filled out? She is now two. TWO. This blog is like my family book. Killing three birds with one stone? I'm fine with it.

I even contemplated not showcasing my daughter on here. We try to be a private family. I have become pretty tame and selective in my older years. Okay, I'm in my mid twenties. But, still. Considering my fiance just left a national touring band to open up his own business in our city, I guess I'm now trying to become more private. Which basically means I am a walking typing contradiction. Either way, I try to write as anonymous as I can be. That's why when starting this, I was hesitant with using our real names and location. There are some creepers out there. Eh, either way. 

I decided on using our middle names, not really talking much about what city we live in, and decided my little fashion queen was just way too darn cute to not show off. Amirite? or, am I right? I am.

Here is a snapshot summing up each month of 2011. Private? Who am I kidding?

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