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You Art Up My Life

Yesterday was amazing. I took the day off from my computer and just hung out with the kiddo. We both needed it. The weather was nice, so we even got to play outside. After playing around in the dirt, we came in and did some painting. While my tiny artist went to town on scrap sheets of paper, I had two old wooden picture frames that where in dyer need of sprucing up. The big guy didn't have glass inside of it so I just added a little clip on a nail so I can change out Adrienne's masterpieces when she creates something new. I don't know what I'm going to put in the blue frame. I sorta like the artsy look with nothing in it.

Here is a watercolor I painted when I was younger. It looks super amateur and doesn't show off my true artistic skills. But, my mom liked it enough to frame the thing, and I love it because of her.

When I was cleaning out my old room at my mom's, I came across my huge container of old nail polishes. Being the hoarder that I am, I just couldn't bare to throw them out. So, I splattered away. If you do something like this, do it outside. The fumes are something serious.

Below is a painting of William and his band that was painted live at during their music set at Wakarusa circa 2010. My music man is the one in the top left corner on the keys. The artist is Odenedo, and his stuff is pretty legit.

I feel like my camera just doesn't do any of these pieces of art justice. This city skyline is by J. Allen

A friend of ours did this picture of William's hands by exposing a negative and doing some other jazz to it that I can't remember. The black silhouette of my little fashion queen is by Tim "The Silhouette Man" Arnold. You can read my post about it here.

These two works of art are from my child. The one with the green mat is her first ever drawing. The second was done shortly after. The face in it is amazing. Picasso-esque, if you ask me.

And last, but not least, I melted some crayons through a hot glue gun onto a canvas. Super fun project. Not for the youngins. You can see how I did this here.


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