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Weekly Wrap Up

Tonight has been a good closer to the week. Adrienne's Aunt "Tay Tay" came over and we all ate supper together. Good talks and good fun. Oh yea, and wine. My kind of evening. But, I am easy like Sunday morning. Night. Whichever.

We played outside a ton this past week. Beautiful weather. I got sunburned and my child got skinned knees. Charge it to the game.

My little fashion queen and her buddy got to have lunch outside. Puzzles, sippy cups, and chicken nugs. It doesn't get much better than that.

First time swinging by herself. Even though she looks uneasy about it in this pic, she loved her new accomplishment. Like not wanting to stop kind of love.

I don't know what this pose is about. Nor do I understand why I have such a hunk of junk camera. I mean I know the latter. I haven't dropped the dough on a good one. 

My camera doesn't even do this justice. You can't tell, but this shawl has the sparkles. I love this thing. Perfect for the spring and fall months. I've gotten so many compliments on it already. It's c/o Heady Candy

This week was the first time I have ever boiled a chicken. Ever. I know that sounds ridic. I just never knew it was that easy. I think I tend to overlook the easy stuff. Just dive right into the hard. I have problems. I made chicken and dumplins, and, boy, was it good.

My fashion queen. She loves picking out her attire. She hates the paparazzi. Us photogs usually get the side eye.

At the wedding on Saturday. William didn't get to sit through the ceremony. He almost tripped over my purse trying to get our kid out of there fast enough. No one wanted to hear her yell, "I did it!" after she finished a game on my phone. 


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