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Does Any of This Really Matter?

If Eminem knew me, he'd be so proud. 'Cause I'm cleaning out my closet. Freals. I should have taken a before picture. Just imagine a closet that ate one two many sundresses, choked down 45 pairs of blue jeans (that I never ever wear), and finished it off with an endless amount of shoes puddin'. Then threw everything up. I don't know what I am even trying to say. I can't get rid of my clothes. And they don't fit in my closet anymore. That's my point. Bedazzled Monica Lewinsky beret? Can't part with it. I haven't given anything away since I gave Aunt Tay Tay a silver leather skirt from Neiman's that could have easily been the jiffy pop aluminum that they used in the ballon boy hoax. One may never know.

Switching gears and taking a much needed break from Closetgate, today's post is basically a chain letter of sorts. YES!! You member, once you've been tagged, you have to write things about yourself kind of survey? Well, I've be suckered in. Only because I want you to read about the hauteur and self-importance I exude when I take time out to write 10 random tidbits on, you guessed it, me. I kid. But I couldn't pass this up.

Picture of me. Had to include one. That's the rule. And you can tell by my face, I am so excited to be doing one of these.

- I don't really like babysitting other kids. That sounds awful. I don't have the patience.
- I can't swim. I can doggie paddle. Needless to say, I always have on my life jacket.
- I love shabby chic decor. I am slowly turning everything into it. Slowly. But. Surely.
- My bedtime is nonexistent. I wish I could go to bed early and wake up early. Alas, it never happens like that.
- My natural hair color is a dark, dirty blonde.
- I am obsessed with photos. But, I need a new camera. I will take donations.
- My first job was a waitress. I hate the food industry.
- I own an excessive amount of candles and lamps.
- I love wrapping presents.
- I don't mind the smell of sharpies, nail polish, or gasoline. I don't really mind a skunk smell, either.

Now, some questions for yours truly:

1. have you ever met someone famous? 
I've met many musicians.

2. what is your happiest childhood memory?  
Playing Barbies with my mom. We would set up a huge mall on the floor with all my Barbie playsets.

3. favorite album of all time?  
Very hard question. I could listen to any Nightmares on Wax album and be content.

4. are you a salty or sweet lover? 
Half and half. I need both to survive.

5. what is favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie?  
Reality T.V. as in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the Real Housewives of any place. Love em.

6. describe your favorite sandwich. 
Meh. Any kind of spicy meat on some bread is a-okay with me. Not a big sandwich fan.

7. what was your first pet? 
My first pet was a cat. I named her AimeeKitty. Narcissism at a young age.

8. what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life? 
Mos def my child. She is the best thing I have ever created.

9. what is the first blog you started reading?  
Love Maegan. She made me want to become part of the blogosphere.

10. if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
This sounds incredibly awful. I would pick brownies.

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