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It's My Potty Party & I Can Cry If I Want To

This weekend we have mastered potty training. I think. Let me knock on wood. It really wasn't the nightmare I was preparing myself for. We tried to start right after she turned two in December. That wasn't happening. So we waited another month and a half. I don't know if there's any sort of rhyme or reason behind potty training. What worked for us was just having the potty in the living room, letting her run around naked, and hoping for the best. When she does teetee or poop in her pink toilet, we do an outrageous dance, followed by letting her flush it down the grownup potty. Flushing is a big deal to her. It's the little things. Then she gets to pick out a sticker and a Skittle of her choice. Rainbow kisses? She haz them. 

Anymykidisgrowinguptooflippingfast, I've been in a funk the past day or two. I don't know if it's because of this whole potty training ordeal, or what. I mean, I should be happy and in a great mood. I don't have to shell out money for diapers anymore. On the other hand, this is so bittersweet. My baby is a toddler. I feel so perplexed about it. How could this have happened? Hello. My name is Debbie Downs. Nice to meet you. I know. I know. I am ridic. 

When you become a parent, time flies by so quickly. I have always heard that. I would think, yea riiiight. Time would drag by when I was a teen. I was counting down the minutes to get out of middle school, then high school, then college. I didn't think I'd ever be an adult and be on my own. Then, out of nowhere, it happened. Adulthood. What I wanted. UGH. Oh to be a kid in the eighties again, with my pink, glitter jellies. It was such a simpler time. I can't go back, can I? Nope. Now I get to deal with this dreaded time flying away nonsense. 

There just aren't enough hours in the day to get things done. Yesterday, before we went to bed, I was telling William how I'm starting to feel guilty about not spending enough time with my child. He said I was being silly. I am a stay at home mom. I do get to be around her all day. Most parents would kill for that opportunity. But, I feel like I am always on my computer. Or doing household chores. You know. The norm?  I feel like I don't play enough with her. And now she's in panties? WTH? She says, "Mommy, pway. Pway, Mommy." I just shoo her away and tell her I'm busy right now. "Ina little bit." What am I doing? At the rate we are going, pretty soon she won't want Mommy to play with her. She won't think I'm cool enough to be seen with her in public. Then she will be moody all the time and won't even want to talk to me. Next, she'll demand to get her belly button pierced and sneak out. What will I do then? I can't even. Can't. Even.

Okay. She isn't going off to college anytime soon. I'm going over board. Enough with me mopping around. How could I when I can look at this all day? 

I can't. Tomorrow we will have a major craft sesh with paints and pipe cleaners, bake some cookies, watch a movie, read eight books in a row, and play Barbies til her little heart is content. And anything else she wants. I might be busy tomorrow. So, I'll see you when I see you.


  1. Okay I'm not going to lie I have tears on the verge of release in my eyes right now. It's almost exactly how I feel. And I'm so happy to see you say that you feel like you don't play enough with her, even as a stay at home mom. Sometimes I get so down on myself for having my phone with me when I'm crawling around on the floor with her...or hoping she'll stay interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse long enough for me to type out a blog post...but at the end of the day, I know she's had a good day. And everyday can't be the best day ever right? Or can it? And I'm totes missing the boat on that one? Ahhh....and since you didn't start until two and my mom tells me not to push it until at least two, I won't feel bad about waiting until she's two. It's not a competition anyways, even though sometimes, I feel like it is. Grr.


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