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I Fell Asleep Amid The Flowers

So, today I was reading in an old Glamour mag and came across a new nail polish technique. I tried it out and loved the result. If you have some shimmer powder laying around, this is for you. 

Pick out a nail polish color of your choice. Me? Revlon in 'Twinkled Pink'. Get a jar of shimmer powder and a makeup brush. I used some ancient Jane shimmer in 'Plutonium' from the early 2000's. What am I doing with ten year old shimmer powder? I. Have. No. Idea. I also used my Sonia Kashuk eye-shadow brush.

 Paint two coats of polish on each nail. Dip the makeup brush in the shimmer powder and tap the brush over a nail. Repeat until you have each done. I blew my nails to get the excess shimmer powder off, then let dry for a bit. I topped with a clear coat. Hey-oh. It looks like a tiny pixie sprinkled fairy dust on my nails. You know the kind that live in buttercups? Those flowers that close up at night to house the fairies? No? Just me? O. Good. 

Disclaimer: We do not have the best natural lighting in our home. My pictures never come out bright enough.  Grass is always greener.


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