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Hold The Phone

Okay. So, my kid has an iPhone. And, she is two. I know. I know. Send all your hater mail to idontgiveafudge@whocares.com. I kid. I made that email up. Back to my point. Adrienne has always been a little ahead of the game when it comes to electronics. It's in her genes. So, when she got old enough to get entranced by a rattle app on my iPhone, I let her. If it subsided the screams of babyhood while grocery shopping, I was fine with it. Stone me. Go ahead.

I mean, she learned all her shapes well before her second birthday. Thanks to her Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles, me, and yes, another app. She has a pink V-tech computer that she won't touch. She also has a Barbie pocket learner. She turns her button nose up at it. But, when it comes to my phone, she will snatch it up in a second. It started getting to the point where she always wanted to play games on it. I wasn't having that. William ended up giving her an old iPhone to pacify her. We have Otterboxes on our devices, but nothing on her "new" phone. We kept having to take off our cases to ensure protection on hers. That was a hassal. Then, the lovely people over at Infantino gifted our little techie with an adorbs solution. Enter the HappiTaps Bear. Genius. 

This little plush guy is essentially an iPhone or iPod cover for tiny sized humans who have the need for these electronic devices. No more worrying about her dropping it on the floor. ::finger guns:: pshew pshew.

As soon as we received it, we tried it out. Which, might I add, was right before lunch. Big mistake. She didn't want to eat any of her food, due to the fact that all she wanted to do was play on the thing. I can't blame her. I wanted to, too.

The iPhone fit in super nicely. It also came with an extra thin pad to put behind an iPod to secure snugness and a plastic ring to hook onto things. Perfect to attach to a car-seat or stroller. I was expecting the HappiTaps to have a built in clear vinyl protector for the screen. It doesn't. Scratches in the screen? Maybe. Very easy for little hands to maneuver around the touch screen? Check. 

The HappiTaps bear it easy for kids to hold. It sits perfectly in a child's lap. If the thing falls to the ground, there is enough padding on both sides to protect the device. That's what we really needed. 

There is also a free app called Beary Happi: Lovable Friend just for the bear protector. It's essentially the face of the bear. It's very interactive and is like the 90's Tamagotchi pet, sans the death, for toddlers. Kids can feed Beary, put him to sleep, sing along to his songs, make him tell jokes, and even squeak his nose. There are lots more activities, but you have to buy the upgrades. There's always a catch. The cuteness is seriously worth the few dollars. The only problem I have with the app is that it doesn't cut off after a prolonged period of being on. Maybe there is a setting somewhere. 

All in all, I am very satisfied with this product. I have looked at other hand held devices for kids from Leapfrog and V-tech. Major dollar signs. If you have an old iPhone lying around, it would be cheaper to just turn it into a learning device for your kiddos. Buy this HappiTaps case for it. Feel at ease with knowing it will be well protected. And don't be ashamed if you catch yourself playing hide-and-seek with the teddy on the Beary app. Lovett.

Here is a little video on the guy. I could seriously squeeze the stuffin' out of this bear.

Here are the products I mentioned up there:

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