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Hair Stuffs Giveaway

Want to win a gift certificate to Lilla Rose? Yus. you. do. If you haven't heard about this awesome company, let me clue you in.  They sell the most amazing hair accessories. They sent me a few of their Flexi-Clips to try. Oh boy, was my hair happy. Unlike the reg old clippies, they don't scrap your scalp. And, the pretty? These guys have it. It's like straight jewelry for your hair.

They also have things called O-Rings. They look very interesting, but I have no idea what they do. Their hair bands are super beautiful, too. Very music festival effortless chic.

Lilla Rose even offers the chance for their customers to sell these products. Like Avon or Pampered Chef parties, I guess. I'm all about those kinds of things.

So, about this giveaway...

All you need to do is follow the instructions below for you chance to win a $16 gift certificate.
Each different task gives you a chance to win. Nine chances all together! Get your lucky rabbit's feet dusted off. Here we go!

Winner will be announced next Thursday, June 7th. Contest is open until then!


  1. Love these! My hair will be longer one day!!! :)

  2. I would love to wear them all!!!

  3. So pretty!!!! Goodluck to everyone and thanks for this great giveaway! ♥ I would love to wear all of them,lol! I think I'd wear the flexi-clip the most though :D

  4. I think I would definitely where the flexi clip or the headband the most because of my hair being so short! :) I believe it would be a quick fix and so cute for teaching!! :) <3 punkin!! Good luck!! and our picnic day soon!! :) --Teri Beth Melton

  5. the flexi-clips and the headbands are the cutest!!!!

  6. The flexi-clips are sooo pretty! Would love to try them.

  7. The flexi-clips are sooo pretty! I would love to try them!
    Jamie @ lovetowatchgreenbay@yahoo.com Plese delete above post-do not want to cheat.

  8. The clips are beautiful. Actually all of the products look pretty and fun! I would love a flexi-clip!
    Leonora Martin


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