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Weekly Wrap Up (Kinda)

This past week we relived our college years by grilling out and playing "categories/waterfall" til the cows came home. Or until twoish o'clock in the morning. Whichever came first. I mean really. Straight up college kids. I hate them and me equally. 

Per usual, I'm totes behind on my photo uploading. I have folders full of unorganized pictures. Tons of snapshots that need to be edited. My brain? Have you seen it laying around anywhere? Because it's not in it's home.

Just sprinkle me five years old.

Found this Water Baby at Goodwill. It got me all nostalgic. Minnie Mouse swimsuit from Disney.

Mini cotton candy treats from the grocery store. Taste? Mediocre. Appearance? Lovett.

These last two photos are taken by my two year old. I was going through my images and came across a handful of ones I had never seen. I quickly realized that my mini photog had taken my camera, took some practice shots, and placed it right back in the drawer. ||wipes hands|| My work here is obviously done.

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  1. awe! adorable pictures! you make me think scarlett needs a water baby! g-sale time! lol. <3xojo

    1. Thank you! Water babies are a must. One of my friends has a little girl who is about 14 months. She got a hold of Adrienne's water baby's hand and straight bit through it. If you find one, make sure you wait until Scarlett doesn't put things in her mouth anymore.


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