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Mungi Bands

Oh, to be a kid again. I always say that. Did I want to hurry up my childhood? Did I get sick of my teenage years? Yes. Stupidly, might I add. Being an adult is for the birds. Bills, stress, cooking, cleaning, bills, trying to justify telling your child no to another bowl of ice cream, (she can't still be hungry? maybe she is?) it's all hard to deal with on the reg. 

But being a kid, you can't beat that with a stick. Everything is done for you, playing outside in the hot heat or the frigid cold is actually fun, holidays aren't stressful, and you still have an imagination. I mean, those little fun sized people go bat ish crazy over bubbles. Bubbles! I get winded and light headed just blowing a few rounds for the kiddo. Real talk.

The other day, I got a package from the wonderful people at Mungi Bands. They sent my little fashion queen two sets of their kiddie arm candy. I'm sure everyone, including their mamas, have heard or dealt with the Silly Bandz craze first hand. If you haven't, they are rubber bands that are molded into different shapes.

Mungi Bands, silicone bracelets with magnets to connect for kids

I was too old to get into that fad, and my child is too young to even know what regular rubber bands are. Mungi Bands are sort of the same concept. They're silcone bracelets that you can trade, just like the Silly Bandz. Except, what makes these guys so much cooler, is the fact that they don't lose their shape when you don them on your arm. Those Silly Bandz look like a bunch of silly, squiggly junk.

Mungi Bands come three in a pack, each one being half of a bracelet. Put two together and you have a whole bracelet. If you get really wild with it, you can stick more together to form a necklace or headband. They have magnets on each end to connect to each other. Making interchanging super easy.

Mungi Bands, silicone bracelets with magnets to connect for kidsMungi Bands, silicone bracelets with magnets to connect for kids

The Mungi Bands come in different designs. If your kid (or you) is feeling like a rock star or has a need for all things princessy, there are bracelets for that. Something to suit every little budding human.

These make the perfect gifts for kids. Stocking stuffers? Totes. Being a parent and getting to try them out first hand? Lovett. Thanks Mungi Bands, for bringing out the kid in me, even if it was only for a few mintues. 

Mungi Bands, silicone bracelets with magnets to connect for kids

You can purchase these guys for around 7-8 dollars a pack. They also come in small and large. We received the large pack and they fit me.


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