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Winsome Words Wednesday

I am going to do the whole WWW post a little differently. Today, I'm dedicating this to Maurice Sendak. Another timeless spirit, who left this Earth due to his complications from a stroke. He will live on through his children's books, that generations have grown up on. Tears from the realatization that we've lost three legends in the past month. Growing up is for the birds..

Maurice Bernard Sendak (June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012)

If you don't already have some of these classics, check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

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  1. awe.. loved seeing this list. two nights ago we read scarlett the in the night kitchen one for the first time! <3xojo

  2. So sweet. In the Night Kitchen is sucha classic. They all are. Hope your little doll enjoys them as much as mine does!!


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