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Libraries, Snow Cones, and Parks on the Reg

Ahh. Another week has come and gone. And it's already Tuesday. Geez. Slow down father time, slow it down. My kiddo is growing too fast. Meh. It's so much fun watching her turn into a little person, though. I mean, the things she says and does just about kill me. Like complete resuscitation needed. 

I was putting her panties on the other day and she said, "Momma no teetee in deez panties, you hear?" I heard her loud and clear and about fell over laughing.

I rise and shine to her yelling, "D-up, Momma, mornin!!"

When she gets done singing her ABC's, she says, "Now I knows my ABCDE's." Um? There are no words. Besides straight adorbs.

She calls her bathing suit her "babe in soups." I just flat-lined.

Some other goodies:
"nakexx" for snake,
"qwok a dial" for crocodile,
"bee bee bee bee" for her bitty baby,
"peppor monie" for pepperoni,
"cool bus" for school bus.

Gosh. I just love this tiny bundle of plump joy.  She makes every day so incredibly exciting. Last Friday we took her to get her very first library card. I was more excited than she. Our library is great. They have a popcorn machine when you walk in the door. Stoked? That she was.

After getting some nom-noms, we headed to the stuffs for sale. Oh boy. We found five VHS tapes (is that the correct name, it's been so long) for 25 cents a pop. Toy Story, Bambi, Pocahontas, The Rescuers, and a dino movie. Score. Then we headed to check out some books. Adrienne was more interested in the toys than meandering around with me to find some good kid reads to bring home. I don't really blame her.

You can apparently check out all the stuffed animals and puppets to bring home. The puppet she was dragging around was a wolf that looked mangy and filled with germs. I told my child that I didn't feel comfortable bringing it home, because we didn't have enough Lysol to disinfect it. I said that as we were getting in line behind some kids, each holding a member of the possum puppet family. I guess the mom of the little possum adopting boys heard me and shrugged with a "I have no choice but to do as my kids say" type of look. I gave in. The wolf is now sitting in the corner of my living room. With hazard tape around it.

We ended up leaving the library with five classic movies, five new books, and that wolf puppet. Great success. Next stop was to get snow cones, a surprise treat from Daddy, then we romped around the park. All in all, it was a amazingly awesome day for the record books. We pretty much have to include this ritual into our lives.

Adrienne's shirt and leggings are from Target, her leopard vest is Toby NYC, and her shoes are Sun-San. My shoes are Jessica Simpson.

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  1. First library card?! Too exciting! Also, I am not ashamed to admit that I bought a lime green tank top that is eerily similar to hers about a month ago. Stylish little girl!

    Edit: Just got to the end of the post. My shirt is from Target, too! Hahahaha. Love it.

    Great post! Love the child-speak translations.

    1. Hahah!! Rocking lime green is a total must. Omigosh. Target is heaven. Thank you for your sweet comment!! Much love!!

  2. She is adorable beyond words!!! Love that vest! too cute! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com

    1. Thank you!! She is a mess! But the best kind of mess I could make ;] I wish we could raid your closet. Like. Now.

  3. Yay for libraries! Mine doesn't have a popcorn machine, but it DOES feature a lovely collection on the science of growing turf grass. So, you know, that's cool.

    Why does your child dress better than me? I need help.

    1. Hahah! Love some turf grass. And my child picks out her own stuffs. Sometimes the stuff she picks just works, and other times she looks, okay well, she always manages to pull it off.

  4. Libraries are awesome! My favorite mommy-daughter dates were to the "lie berry" and then feed the ducks on the levee! You will have to ask Teri Beth about her Bitty Baby and Big Baby next time you see her. ;) Loving the blog!

    1. Oh, we are totes gonna have to add feeding some ducks in the mix! I will be sure to ask about her Bitty Baby!


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