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A couple of weeks ago we took Adrienne to her very first carnival. It was my mother's birthday that day and I was missing her tremendously. You can read about my mom here. I figured we needed to get out of the house. I thought taking my child to the carnival would be fun, but the expensive night ended in a major headache and the realization that I wasn't young anymore.

We decided buying a fifteen dollar arm band for each of us would be silly since I just wanted to venture on one ride, and we were mainly taking the kiddo on the kiddie rides. So we bought a bundle of tickets and headed into the unknown. The first ride we took the babeh on was the choo-choo. I got on it with her and was informed that I had to pay for both of us to ride the crappy train that went in a circle twice. It cost 4 tickets, which in actuality cost 4 dollars. Times that by two. Eight dollars for us to ride one flippin ride. I'm not trying to be Debbie Downs or anything, but jeeze. This is a carnival, not Universal Studios.

We ended up spending an arm and a leg for a night of carnie fun. I even thought I was brave enough to get on the scariest ride. ::side eye:: This is where my gut should have told my feelings to not get on this thing, but it was telling me to go. In hindsight, my gut feelings are dumb and rarely correct. If I did put my experience on this terrible Final Destination ride into words, they'd mostly start with S and F and some MFers. Needless to say, I rode it, and will never ride anymore rides like that ever again. Forever not young. Freals.

I did get some photos. I couldn't really tell if Adrienne enjoyed herself or not. One may never know. These pictures do show a child with an overwhelmed look on her face. Not once was she smiling. Granted, it lasted well past her bedtime. O-wells.

Adrienne's shirt and skirt are from Target and her shoes are Sun-San.

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  1. She looks so serious! Can't wait to see her!

  2. she looks very beautiful in a bright pink top and skirt..


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