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Weekly Wrap Ups

This weekend was a blast. Saturday consisted of beer, swimming, and grilling out.  We ventured over to a friend's house where we got our tans on and ate a ton of yummy foods. Adrienne  played with  choked some puppies (see pics below) and jumped on the trampoline. Oh, to be a kid again. We then came home, put the babeh to bed and had some alone time with candy, popcorn, and the movie Drive. The soundtrack was pretty killer. Plus, Ryan Gosling? Any reason to stare at him for an hour and a half is fine with me.

Father's day was a complete success. We did a whole lot of nothing. William slept in late, and I cooked a delicious lunch of breakfast foods. We watched movies with the kiddo and just enjoyed being a fam together. 

Sorta switching gears to another topic I need to type about: I didn't realize I needed a degree in negotiating. It seems that I live with a tiny two year old terrorist. I hear that three year olds are much worse than two year old sized humans. I also hear Anderson Cooper is gay. I don't want to believe either. 

I ask my child to pick up her ish, and it's like I have to bribe her a million times over. That's just to pick up her crayons. We haven't even gotten started on the rest of the mess. PICK UP YOUR TWENTY MY LITTLE PONIES BEFORE I THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE WHERE THEY WILL LIVE FOREVER. Adrienne just looks at me like I've lost my non Dora loving mind. OKAY, PICK UP YOUR PONIES AND YOU WILL SAVE THEM FROM THEIR IMPENDING DOOM. No dice. Adrienne, pick up your stuff right now and you can have one skittle. She obeys, I win, she wins. No one got attacked. I'm a push over. Tell me something I don't know.

But then, she says stuffs like, 
suppa rebby (supper's ready)
eagles (bagels)
tangy (candy)
out-tide (outside) 
mouse (mouth)

I know. "I has tangy in my mouse," gets me every time. 
Adorbs little terrorist.

Here are a few recent pics. Enjoy.

New library books and cold Thai salad with ginger shrimpie salad for the wins. Adrienne's swimmie is Penelope Mack, my shoes are Givenchy, and above is a Dollar Tree please can I has it.

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