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Random Tidbits

- I can't make it through the day without coffee. I just can't.

- I love holidays and traditions.

- I can eat homemade french fries every day for the rest of my life

- I am very artistic. I have so many ideas in my head on a constant basis. Getting them out is my problem. Meh

- I don't have any tattoos. But I have a nose ring. Very tough, I know.

- I've never been a fan of kids. But I'm a huge fan of MY kid.

- I check Facebook and Gmail a million times a day.

- I heart Goodwill. I'm totes an open mouth breather in there.

- I'm slowly but surely selling my abundance of stuff. I don't want to be on any hoarders show. I know TLC is sorta depressed.

- The Real Housewives of ANY place is my jam.

- My other jams are Breaking Bad, Homeland, and Dexter. In that order.

- I put hot sauce on just about everything, and my hot sauce of choice is Louisiana.

- When we need to clean, Adrienne and I crank up the sound system and listen to Chromeo radio on Pandora. Every time. We probably dance more than clean.

- I dig beef jerky just about as much as I do steak. And I won't share either.

- I dyed my hair brown a month ago after being blonde for my whole life. And I think I like it.

- I never go outside without shades on.

- I hate pictures of me but love pictures of everyone else.

- I only take iPhone photos of me. And put them on Instagram. Like this one below.

- And I obviously love talking about myself on the reg. Because I do have this blog.

- The end.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow...I feel like you've just described me. One, two, four, six, seven...but then I hit eight and I was like "oh, no, I wrinkle my nose the whole time" (though let it be noted I'm not above going in there just in case I find something...)



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