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Thoughts and a Bird's Nest Re-post.

This week has been such a long one. I usually don't like sharing super personal stuff on here. Especially depressing things, because, hey, I like to portray my life as one that's nothing but rainbows and unicorns and ish that never hurts. But, sometimes our world does hurt us. And sometimes it's so painful that you don't know how to deal. You eventually learn how to come to terms and your beautiful life goes on. Except there's a piece missing.

Death puts into perspective how short of a time span we have together on this earth. Please pray for us as a member of our family has passed away. 

Hug and kiss your favorites. Tell your friends you appreciate them. Enjoy your weekend.

If all that depressing talk has killed any appetite you might have had, go HERE to read this delish recipe to get it back.

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