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Shoes by Susie

You can't even fathom the cuteness of these shoes in person. They are so unbelievably tiny and perfect. I mean, they almost make me want to have another baby...

J slash k, because the reality of kids quickly sinks back in when I hear Adrienne scream-singing her ABC's from the bathroom. Peace and quiet? What in the world is that?

Shoes by Susie creates the most adorable baby shoes I've ever held. Each shoe is handmade with extremely soft fabric. An added plus is that each pair comes with a gift box! So, it's an ideal baby shower gift! And we know we all need those handy, because I'm pretty sure you can catch pregnancy from drinking the water around here. That's obviously why I drink sweet tea. Please and thank you.

Elephant shoes c/o Shoes by Susie. Be sure to check out all of her designs!

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1 comment:

  1. "That's obviously why I drink sweet tea." HAHAHA cracked up at that sentence! Seriously though, baby fever is everywhere...


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