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Easter Buns

Here comes the obligatory and adorably awkward Easter Bunny shot. My Cadbury egg is melting from the cuteness below.

I also have a question that might also be a concern. Why don't Easter bunnies talk like Santa? What the eff? They are already creepy looking enough. And then they just look at you and wave? No hello? No goodbye? Just hand gestures for you kiddos. Adrienne had been so desperately wanting to tell him/her? the Easter Bunny about the spaceship she wants (my kid's expectations are high). I guess it didn't really matter that the Easter Bunny didn't talk. Adrienne stiffened right up and didn't move a hair when it was our turn. She was like a taxidermied kid that I had to position on the bunny's lap.

I ended up taking my own photos, because let's be honest, I refuse to pay 21 dollars for two lame photos the Easter elf? woman, who hates her life, snaps. My kid isn't even looking at the camera, lady. No, I don't want your crap photo.

Adrienne was also glued to her daddy's hip during our outing. From wanting him to ride the carousel with her, to him getting to ride in the caboose of the train, to wanting to sit next to him at lunch, they were pretty tight. She kept exclaiming that they were "best fwends." I was just the photog.

We also got to visit with our dear frands and their new baby. We really just went to pretend see them, but our main goal was to love on that little babeh boy. And goodness if the fever didn't set in. He was so perfect in every way. I pretty much wanted to kidnap him, but then I thought about how our two frands deserved all the greatness of that little being. And I won't have to change any diapers anytime soon. So it's pretty much a win slash win situation.

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  1. We aren't allowed to take our own pictures when we see the Easter bunny! Lucky!

    1. Hahah! I don't know if they actually wanted to let me do it. I just kind of told them I was going to take my own. Like you know, with big city traffic, you kind of just have to push your way in and hope you aren't killed. I snapped about six shots and the woman said, "Thank ya'll." That was my cue.

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