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Pizza Parlay

My child loves being a little mommy. She will straight up put her babies in time out if they sass her and halfway change their diapers if they pretend poop. She'll also whip up a delish supper of chicken fries and ketchup cornbread with pizza for "zerts." What more could one ask for? 

I'm pretty sure Miss Spider spiked Bitty Baby's juicy juice.

The adorable hand painted wooden pizza set with juice boxes (that we play with daily) is c/o Forever Afters. The set even comes with a tiny wooden pizza server and it's own cardboard box. Be sure to check them out for beautifully handcrafted wooden toys.

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  1. Dang! Tell her to come cook at my house, that's my kinda meal! ;)

  2. my little girl loves being a mommy too - she even bosses me around


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