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Truly Sanctuary

If you have been a reader of my blog for a long while now, you would know my loyalty to muh sponsor Truly Sanctuary. I absolutely adore those people. If you're a newbie, let me introduce them to you.

Truly Sanctuary is a downright awesome wife slash hubby duo who started up a rad t-shirt company. They offer some of the most comfy shirts for every sized human, plus make those same humans a tad bit more legit just by wearing them.

Another fab item in their repertoire of coolness are tote bags. You can pick a color with your favorite Truly Sanctuary screen print, then head to your local library in style. Or to Trader Joe's if you have one. Which we don't. Sad face. Freals.

And the kicker of this post? Since this amazing company is family orientated, they are doing a fundraiser to help raise money for their child's elementary school's read-a-thon. Truly Sanctuary's tote bags are on sale for only $10 with free shipping until February 4th! All proceeds from the tote sales will be given to Julia Green Elementary in Nashvegas. Loves it. That was obviously said in my best Paris Hilton voice.

So, support this great company, support the schools, and support the love to read in the youngsters.

Ohandplusalso, I ordered a "Faux Reals" tote in pink.


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