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Pottery on Etsy

Our little family has really gotten into reading labels. We try to eat organic, we use sulfate free shampoo, and every light bulb in our house is a swirly. So, when I was trying to think of Christmas presents for William, the first idea was one of those old fashioned shaver bowls. You know.

That's where Pottery on Etsy came into play. I literally scoured Etsy for hours looking for the perfect shave bowl. And then I found it. A rustic clay bowl with a matching brush thingy.

Pottery on Etsy's owner, Sheila, was a doll to work with. She is the mastermind behind all of the pottery creations, like her new birdhouses.

But let me get back to the point of this post. William adores his shave bowl. He uses it every single morning. I bought a round soap bar to go with it. He just lathers the soap up with the brush. And voila, it makes a super thick shaving creme, without all the nasty ingredients that the store bought shaving cremes have in them. And plus, it's good for the environment. No aerosol and no metal bottles to throw away. Win slash win.

Be sure to check out Pottery on Etsy and buy a shaver bowl for your main man. Oh and THIS plate and cup set is too legit. My birthday is coming up! Hint, hint.

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