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Burlap Bunny

Since Easter is right around the corner, I thought I would share the burlap bunny door hanger I made last week. It was super easy to whip up and cost me nothing since I already had all the supplies!

Burlap Bunny Door Hanger
|| supplies needed ||
- Burlap (about 1 yard)
- Paint (white, pink, and black)
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun
- Plastic Grocery Bags
- Tan Twine
- Tulle or Ribbon for Bow
- Florist Wire

- Cut out the shape of a bunny (or a flower or whatever you want your door hanger to be) from the burlap. Lay the bunny shape on the remaining burlap and cut out another shape for the bunny's back.

- Paint the whole front bunny shape white. Let dry. Paint pink on the insides of the ears. I used black puffy paint for his eyes and mouth, but regular black paint would work just fine. Let dry.

- Cut out a little nose from the burlap scraps. Paint it pink (don't glue it on to the bunny yet, even though my photos above show it already on there). Paint little pink cheeks on the bunny. Let dry. Hot glue the ends of twine to where the nose would be above the mouth. Glue the burlap nose on top of the twine.

- Start hot-gluing around the edges of the front and back pieces of the bunny. Go all around the ears and both sides of the head. I stopped when I had just enough of a pocket to start stuffing grocery store bags in it. Stuff a ton of bags in the bunny's ears and head, or until desired fullness. Hot-glue the bottom of the head all the way up.

- I used florist wire to make a hook on the back of the bunny to hang. I also made a big bow out of Tulle for the bow. And finished.

These burlap door hangers are pretty expensive around my town. A smaller one goes for about $40 or so. Yowza. I'm pretty proud of my free bunny, ohandplusalso my crafting skills.

Please disregard my dead ferns. I promise I just bought new ones after I took these photos. I don't have the best timing. Or green thumbs for that matter.


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