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Sponsor Highlight: Truly Sanctuary

 Children's Gamer for Life Tee

Bill Murray Toddler Tee

 Love Rainbow Tank

 Woman's Gamer for Life Tee

B is for Bike Tank

Young Bill Murray Tee

My love for Truly Sanctuary never ceases. Especially after they debuted their new young Bill Murray with the most killer 1970's stache ever tee. Hashtagwinning.

The husband slash wife duo behind Truly Sanctuary has created some of the very best screen printed tees for both adults and tiny sized humans. The quality of their shirts is amazing and the cool factor is extremely apparent. So, join the cool kids who sit in the back of the bus whilst wearing super rad tees from Truly Sanctuary.

Check out my full review on their shirts HERE. And always take a gander at all the fabulous sponsors on the right side of my blog. Those guys help make this blog possible. And if you'd like to see your name over there, email me jade@coffeeandcashmere.com for all the deets.


  1. I LOVE your blog! Super cute and totally my style! I would wear all of these :-)


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