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The Fairy Tale Song by DeDe

It's almost the weekend you guys. Please and thank you! I'm stopping in real fast to share a wonderful guest post from the ever so lovely DeDe. She's a singer who creates kid friendly tunes that even us adults big kids would enjoy. Make your ears happy and give her video a listen!

NEW EXCLUSIVE! The Fairy Tale Song Video by DeDe, is now available just for Coffee and Cashmere readers to view online before it goes public on October 7th! You are seeing it before anyone else! 'The Fairy Tale Song' from the new EP, Love & Fairy Tales written by DeDe, is a fun, upbeat song about life, and it's deeper than it may first appear.

Appealing to adults, teens and "kids" of all ages, her EP uses familiar nursery rhyme and fairy tale examples about taking chances, finding your dreams, and living life to the fullest. It's about following your heart and fulfilling your dreams no matter what, and having the patience, motivation and sacrifice to make good decisions and then follow through so your life has a "happily ever after". Find your purpose, no matter what age you are in life, and make your dreams come true... great lyrics, catchy melody, and the ultra-hip unique cartoon-like video created by Jesse Davey, will have you and your kids tapping your feet, singing and dancing along to this great new video. 

DeDe, (aka Deborah Wedekind), is a singer/songwriter from Texas, who "follows her dreams and makes them come true" by writing Real good music for Real music lovers of all ages! She focuses on timeless and memorable melodies, and moving yet relevant lyrics that bring inspiration to the listener.

Find out more about DeDe, hear her original songs & arrangements, and sign up for her email news on her website, and LIKE DeDe on Facebook. View all DeDe's videos HERE. Plus, stay tuned for DeDe's outstanding new Chrismtas CD, from Grammy Winning producer, Jeff Bova, World of Christmas coming in Nov. 2013.

This guest post was sponsored by DeDe. If you'd like to see your business on my blog, email jade(@)coffeeandcashmere.com.


  1. Hi C & C, Thanks so much for posting my new Video, The Fairy Tale Song! I wrote this song initially for kids and especially teens when I saw my own kids and those of my friends often having difficulty making good choices, finding their way, and using their natural talents to do the things that make them happy and give them fulfillment in life.

    As a child and a teenager, I lived with a lot of fear to really go for it, and do the things I really desired to do- and even as an adult I struggled. Then I realized that these fears we all have from time to time, needed to be let go (fear of failure, fear of what people will think, fear of losing, fear of looking silly, whatever!), so we can all reach our full potential in life.

    And now whenever I hear this song, it makes me realize that no matter what age you are, if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything, find your dreams and make them come true! Please let me know what you think of my song & video, okay? You can also sign up for my monthly news on my website, below Blessings and all the best to you and your readers! DeDe :) http://www.DeDe-Music.com

  2. I loved it! Debbie, you are one talented gal. Good luck on your future endeavors. With love from evelyn in Hawaii.

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