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Cajun Pumpkin Seeds Revisited

I'm trying my hardest to play catch up from us being sick for two weeks straight, but it's really not happening. William's great aunt passed away over the weekend and we are traveling today for that. So, send us some good vibes.

We also have a ton of other things going on in our lives with which being behind the 8-ball dampers. LIKE MOVING. We are officially packing up all our ish and moving out of our current jaunt. Movin' on up, to the east side. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Big Ballin'. Etc.

Anyhoo, my house right now looks like an F5 has hit it. There are boxes and newspapers and clothes and junk and pillows and toys and more junk, and did I mention junk because I need to reiterate it once more, covering every inch of our floor. I would take a picture, but TLC's Hoarders would most likely email me immediately, asking if I'd like to be on their show. No, no thanks... Oh wait. Huh? How much are you paying?!

So, while I work on my contract for Hoarders and try to tackle every other thing I'm behind on, here is yet another revisited post from last year. I made some super noms Cajun pumpkin seeds, and I pretty much would love to do them again this year, but doubt I will get around to it. We haven't even decorated for Halloween. Not even a pumpkin, let alone a carved one. 

It's like lights out. NO CANDY. Sorry, kids, bypass our house this year. 

Click HERE to find out how I made these. And click HERE to vote for my kid. Win/win for the both of us.

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