Strawberry Children

It's no surprise that my child loves clothes. Her mother's daughter, if you will. She loves to go into her closet and pick out her own outfit that she puts on correctly. Mostly. Her socks still are loopy and her shirts are usually backwards. But A for effort? Right!

Regardless and irregardless at the same time, Strawberry Children emailed me last week wanting me to check out their absolutely precious children's designer clothing online site. I about croaked. Tiny Moschino jeans? Holy cuteness.

Strawberry Children, who is based out of Liverpool, England, has an array of boy's and girl's clothing, as well as adorable baby outfits. They even sell tiny Vivienne Westwood jelly shoes for the little fashion queens in your life. ::swoon::

Be sure to also check out their Catimini autumn winter 2013 collection, which has bold color combos and lots of patterns.

This guest post was sponsored by Strawberry Children. If you'd like to see your business on my blog, email jade(@)


  1. i guess i need to have some children...


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