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DIY Webbies Revisited

When I get sick, I get sick. I've had a terrible cold for a whole week now. I just can't shake it. I was starting to feel better, and then yesterday I came down with a hacking cough. You know the kind that puts you on the verge of hugging the toilet? THAT kind. I'm literally coughing up both lungs and probably have bronchitis. I mean, I'm no doctor, but I have put on many a band-aids. So, same/same.

So, before I drown myself in Nyquil, I decided to re-share my DIY spiderwebs from last year's Halloween. These guys are super easy and very fun for the kiddos. I promise after this move and my life calms down, I'll be back in full force with new crafts. Pinkie prom.

Click HERE to find out how to make these babies.

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