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High Fashion

I remember making hemp jewelry and wearing it in the 90's and early 2000's, innocently, might I add. It is also a staple piece of garb at jam band concerts. Any hippied out kid is wearing one. But, now you can smoke marijuana out of your hemp jewelry!! How convenient! I'm serious.


"Users are losers and losers are users so don't use drugs, don't use drugs and if you know a user even part of the time, tell him to quit. Take a bite out of crime!"

One end of the bracelet is a bowl with a filter? Yes. The other end has a removable bead with a mouthpiece? Yes. HIGHlarious? YES. Does McGruff the Crime Dog need to up his game? You know it.


And remember, if anyone asks you about these little gems, they’re used solely for tobacco.

Disclaimer: I don't smoke weed.

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