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Bathroom Basics

I figured I would share my bath time regimen, because, well, you just outta know. Plus, if it has something to do with other than me, I'm less than interested.. I kid, I kid.

Bath Time
-TRESemme "Naturals" Conditioner. Does the job. 
-Clairol Professional "Shimmer Lights" Shampoo for blonde & silver hair. I used to spend a little fortune on Matrix "So Silver" shampoo, until I found this stuff. It is a purple colored shampoo used for taming brassy undertones in blonde color treated hair. I mix a palm full of regular shampoo and add a bit of this purple shamp and mix.
-Dove "Revival" Shampoo. Love this stuff. It makes my hair silky smooth and smelling great throughout the day. I usually use the matching conditioner, but I'm out (my long hair is a junkie for it).
-Nivea "Touch of Sparkle" in Diamond Powder. Love the smell of this body wash. It suds up pretty well and lasts.
-Molton Brown London "Seamoss" stress-relieving hydrosoak. One of my good friends gifted me with this when I was pregnant. The bath salts change the water to a beautiful blue-green color while making it smell like the ocean. Seriously: Close your eyes and you're in the Caribbean. Not many bath salts smell this authenic, so I'm hooked.
-Schick "Slim Twin" razors. I've used these things since I started shaving. They have a good grip, and I've never get nicks.

Hair Care
-It's a 10 leave in conditioner. Keeps my hair glossy, detangled, and smelling great. 
-Scruples "Blazing" in cool citrus basil. Great hair spray that doesn't make my do feel like a crunchy nightmare. The fresh sent of basil is equally appealing. 
-Salon Grafix "Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo". Picked this up because it was cheap and thought I'd give it a try. Works great. I can go days without washing my hair. Makes being lazy easy.
-Goody "Ouchless" brush. The only thing that gets my toughest tangles without making me tear up.

Body & Face
-Johnson's "Deep Hydrating" lotion. Smells great and absorbs fast.
-Bioré "Deep Cleansing Pore Strips" for your nosey. I just used one last night and I almost, just almost, forgot how great these things are. After suffering through the pain of pulling it off, I am always in shock of what is yanked out of my skin and stuck to the strip. How in the world?!
-Boots No7 "Advanced Hydration" night cream. I use this before bed. It's really thick and it is greasy, but it leaves my face fresh and soft in the mornings. I also use Boots No7 "Moisture Quench Night Cream" during the day, as it isn't as thick.
-Bella Il Flore "Sugar Kisses" lip scrub. It comes in a cute little box set with the yummy scrub and balm that taste and smell like strawberries and cream. I just usually eat the balm right off my lips, but the scrub actually exfoliates your pout. 
-Gucci "Eau de Parfum II". Super feminine smell, with a hint of sexy. Not too strong, making it perfect after showers.


  1. you are high maintenance...lol......love all those products...only the best for the best

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