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All Dolled Up

My child loves baby dolls. She totes them all over the house, makes them go "wee" down her slide, and brings a chosen "lucky one" to be her sidekick during shopping trips. Which really means I have to keep up with two babies. Here are her top six. She alternates her favorites, like I alternate my purses. Same, same.

The first three are Corolle baby dolls. The big one makes crying and babbling noises and my little queen gets a kick out of that. The two smaller ones are Tidoo baby dolls, which can go in the bathtub. The one in the blue dress in front HAS both legs, she just wouldn't cooperate during the shoot. All Corolle dolls smell like vanilla, so it is hard not to have one for dessert. I jest, I jest.

The cloth doll is Baby Stella from Manhattan Toy. This doll comes with a magnetic paci that stays on very well and has clothes and accessories (sold separately, boo) that are very easy for little hands to work with. She is super plump and even has a tiny belly button. Awe!

The last two are the classic Baby Huggums from Madame Alexander. I never had this baby growing up, but one of my friends did. I used to eyeball it every time I went to her house to play. Peanut. butter. and. jealousy. They are wonderful dolls with cloth bodies, and if you give them a squeeze, they squeak! I think I actually love these two more than my daughter. Come to think of it, I really get her toys for me..


  1. the one in the blue dress always talks shit to me whenever i come over. she's a little biotch

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