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Almost to Stalker Status

I have to admit, I have a MAJOR girl crush on Adele. Just go ahead and pin me for a stalker. As my loving friends would say, "She's a B.B.Dub!" Which stands for a big, beautiful woman. And, that, she is. Plus, she has such a gorgeous voice. If I could be Ursula, I'd steal her pipes in a second. Might I add, Adele's performance on the VMA's was on point. Go figure.

This remix of her song, "Rolling in the Deep" is epic. Which is funny, because I didn't go to Camp Bisco and I strongly, strongly dislike dubstep. I don't have either of those going for me, but I do have Adele. Anywhomp, this video is amazing and Adele is forever in my heart. Give your ears a tingle.

Filmed and edited by Wiedemann Digital
Remixed by Deathstar ft. Minnesota and Marty Party


  1. I second that emotion as far as dubstep is concerned......I guess it is because of the good stuff I have heard before dubstep came along. hahha Are we music snobs? But really, I wanted to thank you for the video! Good remix and I have been thinking about attending Camp Bisco sometime......looks like a blast.

    Love the blog! I am now an avid stalker myself. hahah Love you! Tiff

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