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Whatchu got in that Bag?

As I was cleaning out my purse, I thought it would be a cool idea to blog about what is in there from week to week. Because, hey, even I wanna know. Plus, it might make me switch up my bags every now and then. So here we go. I's scared.. 




-My trusty Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. I go, it goes. The contents weren't as racy as I expected..
-Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch that I use as a coin purse.
-A pair of cheap sunglasses.
-Estee Lauder "Beyond Paradise" eau de parfum. Sophisticated, and it lasts throughout the day.
-Pixi energy blush in "No.2 Pick-Me-Up-Pink". It has two colors inside so, basically, a two for one!
-A clippie. Am I misspelling clippie?
-ChapStick Cherry. Classic. I am definiatly addicted to this stuff. A complete junkie.
-Random doll brush?
-Two pens, one being a Hello Kitty.
-Wine opener, which, I probably wouldn't be able to get the bottle open with this on my own.
-Juicy Fruit, not my fav.
-Lancome eyeliner in black coffee. Can't go out in public without mascara and this stuff.
-One of my daughter's bows. This is typical.
-Stretch Island Fruit Co. all natural fruit strip in summer strawberry. These are delish fruit chews. They have a 1/2 serving of fruit in each jaunt.
-Blackwater Music Festival all access pass. Because that is how I roll. If you haven't heard of the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL, click the links I provided for you.
-Yellow notepad. For my many lists. And my lists of lists.
-Chex Party Mix seasoning packet. What? It was free at the grocery store.
-Lone bobby pin.
-Three crumbled receipts and a coupon for oil that I need to use. I'll never be on Extreme Couponing. FML.
-Chanel Aqualumiere lipshine in "Waikik" and Covergirl Lipperfection in "Fairytale". Both are legit.
-Old school disposable camera via Kodak. Element of surprise.
-And last, but certainly not least, my charger for my camera. Thanks for all the charge you give, little buddy.

So, in a nutshell, I need to downsize my purse junk.


  1. The Chex Mix seasoning packet could possibly be the strangest, but best tasting thing I've ever seen come out of someone's purse. Definitely the strangest thing I've ever seen in a Louis Vuitton bag. :)

  2. Hahahaha!! Couldn't pass up a freebee!! I plan on using that very soon. Snacks, anyone?


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