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One of my favorite websites to shop [err.. "browse"] is 80s Purple for their ultra cool take on newintage. Newintage. I just came up with that word. Anykick, I have been lusting after these three shoes for what's left of the fall.

These are the brand-spanking new Keds Shearling Boot.

The shoes over at 80%20 are so rad, that I want every pair off of their assembly line. These have a hidden heel, so they aren't really flats. Sneaky, Sneaky.

Okay, these Melissa Amazonita Heels are pushing it with the whole fall feel, and aren't too winter friendly, either. But, they are grey and they ARE jellies. Don't get me started on my LOVE for jelly shoes. Another day, another blog post. For. Sure. I smell a tropical vacation during Christmas break... hey-oh!


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